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Technology that redefines energy, to build better lives for all.

Aiko is a world-leading new energy technology company. With efficient residential and commercial solar solutions, Aiko has the ability to maximise limited roof space to provide a continuous supply of green energy.

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NeoStar 2S

The all black NeoStar 2S is the second generation comprehensive solar panel giving you better temperature coefficiency, higher temperature restriction and is micro-crack resistant.

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NeoStar 2P

The mono-glass second generation NeoStar 2P solar panel provides optimal partial shading, gives higher power performance, is micro-crack resistant and has a no front grid design.

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Smart Energy Solutions

A new step for industrial and commercial energy savings. Aiko provides a 25-year product and 30-year performance warranty for the NeoStar 2 series of panels. 

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