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Clean Power Provided By Skilled Electrical Solar

At Skilled Electrical Solar most of our business comes from referrals and existing customer recommendations.  As we see more homeowners converting their homes to solar energy, batteries and energy storage units, customers are recognising the benefits of solar energy and saving money. 

Greg Wylie is a highly respected, reliable and qualified installer with many years of experience and provides an honest partnership between the home or business owner and Skilled Electrical solar.  With so many products on the market it is hard to make the decision on which solar power system to purchase.  We make the process stress free by offering products that have newer technology, better efficiencies, per panel monitoring, true transparency, longest warranties, safer systems and car charging options.  Skilled Electrical solar will take care of all the application paperwork and processes including claiming the Government grants that are available to all solar installations.

Contact Skilled Electrical solar to find out more on converting your home to renewable energy today.

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