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REC panel manufacturing

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

The old saying 'You pay for what you get' rings true with solar.

On our recent tour of the REC panel manufacturing plant in Singapore, we had the privilege to watch a solar panel being made. Not only was the technology, the cell laser cutting, infra ray cell checks and robotics impressive so too was the quality of supportive materials used - from the backing sheets to the laminate and finally to the crates the solar panels are stacked on.

REC have a 25-year product warranty + 25-year linear power output warranty. Greg Wylie is one of the very few accredited REC Solar Professional installers on the Sunshine Coast.

Are all solar panels the same?

Comparing solar panels is like comparing a Toyota with a Tata car - they are both motor vehicles but there is a difference. So too are solar panels, they all produce power from the sun but the quality of support and components are different.

REC Alpha Series

The solar panel features REC’s twin-panel design, half-cut heterojunction cells comprised of n-type mono wafers sandwiched between two layers of amorphous silicon, and advanced low temperature connection technology. A film with very thin wires is place on the cell, adding more contact points and creating a solderless bond that REC says also eliminates weak points caused by impact of conventional high temperature soldering.

The highest power 60-cell module in the world

“Beautiful solar panel with best levels of power.”

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