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Out with the old...

Upgrading your solar system could be the best decision you could make in 2024.

During the solar roll out in 2009 across Queensland, homeowners installed an average system size of 1.5kw-2kw with panels 150-200w. Fast forward 15 years and panels are on average 410-44w and homeowners are installating 8.2kw-13.2kw sized systems.

Solar panels and inverters are now double the warranty so couple this with better technology and industry regulations, installing a larger solar system does make sense.

Let’s set the scene: You are a family of 4 (2 parents with 2 teenagers). When you installed solar 15 years ago, you were a couple with no children. You installed a 2kW system that allowed you to save a lot of money on your bills. Speed forward 15 years and your 2 teenagers charge their devices, endlessly cook in the kitchen, have showers (hopefully) every day, and generally use 10 times the electricity that you used as a couple. You may be considering the addition of an electric vehicle. Your 2kW system is not going to cut it!

Upgrading not only allows you to immediately and heavily reduce your electricity bill but also allows for future-proofing.

Upgrade and make 2024 the year that you move towards energy independence!

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