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Cricket Australia launches Cricket for Climate

Australian men's cricket captain, Pat Cummins has launched a campaign to have cricket clubs around the nation install solar panels to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Cricket, an outdoor summer sport, is particularly vulnerable to climate change for more than a few reasons - the attire they wear, the duration of the game and most cricket nations are situated in areas that are already hot and getting hotter.

Australian cricket legend Shane Warne has previously voiced his concern.

“At times in the past, it has been hard to know who to believe, but I think we all have to admit now that climate change is a huge issue,” the former leg-spinner said.

“The game has to have a plan, a strategy for how we adapt for it. It wasn’t something I’d really talked about with ex-cricketers until this year at Lord’s. I was really taken aback.”

Australia’s iconic sporting stadiums are also getting in on the act, with the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) announcing last month that it is set to become the first major stadium in Australia to run on 100 per cent renewable power.

Let’s hope that the examples set by Cricket Australia, the AFL and other sporting codes, along with the voices of the Australian public will spur politicians to take the necessary action on climate change before it’s too late.

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