Brewed by the Sun

Updated: Mar 6

Recently returned from Singapore inspecting the REC panel manufacturing plant and Tiger Brewery rooftop solar.

Tiger beer is now 'Brewed by the Sun' with 8038 REC solar panels installed over 3 rooftops helping to reduce their carbon emissions by 20%. Using the latest technology with half cut cells and 4 Bus Bars, these panels have a higher power output.

REC Twin Peak panels are available in Australia for your rooftop, so contact us for more details.

Did You Know?

Tiger Brewery recycles its glass bottles. It operates a voluntary deposit-refund system encouraging distributors and retailers to return bottles for cleaning and refilling. Each year this initiative has helped to reduce the usage of glass by 20,000 tons. This has also helped suppliers to use less energy in the production of new glass bottles

Tiger Brewery saves approximately 1.6 million kilowatt hour compared to consumptions prior to 3 years. An average four-room unit household uses 350 kilowatt hour, we could actually power up approximately 4770 four-room unit households with this.

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